BigData & Hadoop

Welcome to your BigData and Hadoop

All of the following accurately describe Hadoop, EXCEPT-

Which tool could be used to move data from RDBMS data to HDFS?

Which of these provides a Stream processing system used in Hadoop ecosystem?

During Safemode Hadoop cluster is in-

Which among the following are the features of Hadoop

The need for data replication can arise in various scenarios like-

For the frequently accessed HDFS files the blocks are cached in-

Clients connect to ________ for I/O

The HDFS command to create the copy of a file from a local system is which of the following?

HDFS provides a command line interface called __________ used to interact with HDFS

Which of the follwing is the faeture of PIG?

In which all languages you can code in Hadoop ?

Which of the following phases occur simultaneously ?

Which of the following is used to ingest streaming data into Hadoop clusters?

Which of the following is true about MapReduce?

Which of the following is a data processing engine for clustered computing?

Which scenario demands highest bandwidth for data transfer between nodes

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